RPbyHand is a program that slice an ASCII STL (stereolitography) file, in the Z axis, at an arbitrary distance defined by user, and generate a graphic file, in  bmp (bitmap) format,  black and white, that can be edited and printed by any software that can work with this format, like Windows Paint.

 Itīs intended to reproduce 3D models, cutting, by hand, sheet papers and gluing together, layer by layer. Itīs not to be so precise. Itīs  only for fun and itīs free, for non commercial use, but is copyrighted.

I use it in Windows XP, but I think it can run in 95/98/nt. You can obtain a copy now. Before run, you must install .NET Framework 2.0. Get this here.

Comments:  matheuscosta@yahoo.com.